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Welcome to AXS Partners

AXS Partners AG (Ltd.) is a independent Swiss financial advisory company founded in 2005 to deliver above-average returns for its clients by offering innovative, tailor-made services and financial products managed by best-of-breed investment managers. AXS Partners always seeks to co-invest so as to demonstrate the alignment  of its interests to those of its partners and clients.

AXS acts exclusively for its clients and is independent of banks and other financial institutions. Nevertheless we maintain close business relationships with first-class international service providers to provide an investment platform for financial services and products.

The innovative product range AXS is offering to clients includes all asset classes in order to perfectly define a clients risk - return profile. AXS thereby also gives access to products otherwise available on a limited basis only such as Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate Funds.

AXS believes that aligning interests is a key driver of returns, risk control, and long-term investor satisfaction. Thanks to the alignment of interests, AXS has a superior commitment to delivering log-term outstanding returns, risk-control, and profitable advice to its customers. This translates into:

  • strictly selecting our partners, with special attention to decision making, incentive schemes, and results
  • promoting long-term relationships
  • investing significant stakes in the products and the strategies we advocate
  • delivering transparent & relevant information about our products and processes on customer demand




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